Educational Objectives

  1. To train the youth to the thinkers, and not mere reflectors of others thoughts.
  2. To equip the student with a set of principles to guide his/her conduct and service.
  3. To awaken a love for goodness, truth, and beauty, and arouse a desire for excellence.
  4. To promote the development of body, mind and soul.
  5. To challenge the intellect, and motivate academic excellence.
  6. To train for leadership in the schools, churches, and in the community.
  7. To stimulate appreciation for the cultural value of books in the arts, and sciences.
  8. To promote the development of a consistent Christian life and character.
  9. To develop habits of accuracy, responsibility, and sound judgment in thought and deed.
  10. To develop self-esteem, dignity, and to stimulate multinational, cultural awareness.
  11. To prepare students for continuous academic pursuits.
  12. To develop a healthy respect for God, man and country.

Financial Objectives

The Byron Robinson Educational Foundation Inc. does not generally solicit funds. We earn it the old fashion way, by obtaining loans in the World Financial Market, and then investing it in a prudent, and conservative manner. The net profit from all our financial ventures is used for the propagation of Business and Science education in the West Indies.